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“The whole world should behave like we are all living on an Island”.

Here on Maui we must think and behave in a sustainable manner much more so than anywhere on Earth. The Hawaiian Islands are geographically the Earth’s most isolated parcels of land lying in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean some 2400 miles from both the nearest continental land mass. More than 90 percent of Hawaii’s energy comes from oil. It has no conventional energy resources such as oil, coal or natural gas. Every barrel of oil and ton of coal Hawaii uses must be imported. Tourism, the largest contributor to our economy and is dependent upon airline transportation. As a result, jet fuel accounts for thirty two percent of the state’s total energy consumption.

The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative’s (HCEI); goal is now 40% for renewable electricity by 2030.See:

How we do this will set a huge example for the rest of the world.  Each and every one of us can propagate ideas and contribute to reaching this goal.

Follow you political agendas with your daily decisions on what you eat, what you buy, how you travel and what kind of renewable energy you implement for your home and business use. Thinking and acting locally can make all the difference for the livelihood of Hawaiian Farmers, Ranchers, Restaurant owners, Bakers and local retailers.
More than 85% of Hawaii’s food is shipped here. We have the land, the warm sunny weather, the water and the soil to grow food all year round however it is very difficult for local farmers to compete with large conventional farms on the mainland and other countries.
The good news is, there is a wave of interest in farm to plate dining sweeping across the country and it has reached the Hawaiian Islands. I am excited to be a part of this positive movement in such challenging times.

This is a movement with much enthusiasm and energetic momentum behind it. New Farm to Plate Restaurants are opening all over Hawaii and many of the older established restaurants are striving to be more sustainable and  are they are advertising how many local farms and ranches they are supporting.
This is such a good opportunity for the average citizen to make an impact and help to perpetuate a cataclysmic change for the good of the world and it’s economy.

Our goal is to serve our community by providing a “central hub” of information to inform and educate local residents and visitors as to how they can live more sustainably. Our website is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing consumers to get easy access to information about where to eat, and where to shop locally. We will continually offer fresh new articles featuring local farmers, social entrepreneurs’, school garden projects, sustainable chefs and great new recipes with local in season ingredients. For those of you wanting to share ideas or promote local Merchants, Growers or Businesses, please feel free to contact us via email at

Kathleen Ramey and
The Farm to Plate Press Team

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