About Us

The Company

Farm to Plate 808 is a division of Farm to Plate Media Group. Farmplate to Plate Media Group is a place-based media company that promotes the re-envisioning and re-creation of local and regional food systems through consumer education and outreach. We work to link regions together virtually in a dynamic national network that spreads best ideas and practices by preserving local culture, accountability, adaptability and resilience. We create valuable content and communities that attract and inform conscientious consumers through a news and information site that serves as the single-stop, authority on how to source and consume sustainably grown food by featuring various restaurants, farms, retailers, and service providers. Farmplate Media Group’s mission is to educate and inform consumers on food issues and how to support and purchase locally grown products.

The Team
Kathleen Ramey, Founder and Maui CEO
Kathleen possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for new business trends and their leaders. As a long time Maui resident and early adopter of sustainable living practices, Kathleen has deep roots in the local green community. Her strong interest in nutrition and agriculture fuels her passion for environmental issues and positive change. She and her husband Tom are building an off-grid heritage ranch in the Kaupo area. Kathleen enjoys being the point of connection for like-minded individuals will as the point-person on Hawaii.

Mary Talpas, Founder and Operations Lead
Process and project management are Mary’s strongest skills. She has the ability to quickly assess what is needed for a process to run smoothly or to bring a product or service to market. She has worked in project/process management at Apple Computer for 14 years and spent the last ten years in the web development industry, building web sites for a variety of companies. She is excellent at team building and communication, enables business objectives to be completed on-time and on budget.

Sandy Skees, Marketing & PR
Marketing/PR consultant and CEO of Communications4Good, gives established businesses, early stage companies and organizations insight on the intersection of brand, communications and purpose. With her clients, Sandy is creating programs that give businesses a way to focus, share, and motivate change in the world – change that values people, respects planetary resources and fosters prosperity.

Jacob Stone, Research & Writing
Harnessing a passion for environmentalism and his millennial viewpoint, Jacob provides in-depth information and profiles of what’s at the forefront of sustainability. He has an academic background in environmental justice and experience working with a prominent food justice non-profit in New York, Amnesty International, and an IT government office. He has the ability to produce engaging and up-to-date content in a timely manner.

Elisabeth Deogracias, Research & Writing
Elisabeth brings a passion for food and sustainability to the Farm to Plate Media Group. From stints at Sustainable Flatbush and Lightfoot Industries to …

Communications for Good
Jill Ireland, Featured Local Artist
Ron (web design)