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Pineapple Grill Kapalua Resort A great restaurant needs a great cuisine. For that, Vice President and Managing Partner, Chris Kaiwi and Partner, David & Lesley Cohn are thrilled to have handpicked born and raised Maui Executive Chef Ryan Luckey. The Pineapple Grill will be the stage on which Chef Ryan will take his place as [...]

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“The whole world should behave like we are all living on an Island”. Here on Maui we must think and behave in a sustainable manner much more so than anywhere on Earth. The Hawaiian Islands are geographically the Earth’s most isolated parcels of land lying in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean some 2400 miles from both the nearest continental [...]

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Farm Opportunities

Aug 16, 2011 No Comments by The Maui Farm, Inc.  is a nonprofit organization providing farm-based, family style residential programs for individuals and families in transition to self-sufficiency. Since 1993, The Maui Farm provided long term group home programs serving foster youth and other youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Building upon our years of experience with troubled youth and their [...]

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Hana’s Fresh Choice

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