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Pineapple Grill Kapalua Resort

A great restaurant needs a great cuisine. For that, Vice President and Managing Partner, Chris Kaiwi and Partner, David & Lesley Cohn are thrilled to have handpicked born and raised Maui Executive Chef Ryan Luckey. The Pineapple Grill will be the stage on which Chef Ryan will take his place as one of Hawaii’s rising stars of the new-generation Pacific Island Cuisine.

With Chef Ryan at the helm, Pineapple Grill at Kapalua will continue to provide Maui residents and visitors with a world-class dining experience – island style.

“What I’m most excited about is sharing the wonderful flavors, produce and other ingredients that are grown here on Maui and throughout Hawai`i,” says Luckey.  “For residents and visitors alike, Pacific Island Cuisine created with only the best and most flavorful ingredients, always makes for a memorable meal.”

The Pineapple Grill menu was created utilizing as many Maui produce and local ingredients as possible. We source items like Kula Strawberries, goat cheese from the Surfing Goat Dairy, Maui Cattle Company’s all-natural beef, fish caught by local fisherman. Every item on the menu is a true original work of culinary art, developed and perfected by Chef Ryan with the help of his culinary team. Guests can expect to see Chef Ryan working shoulder-to-shoulder “in the action zone” of his display kitchen. Often times, Chef Ryan is seen at guests’, talking story, and sharing his passion for his creations and how it all comes together.

We asked Chef Ryan some questions and his replies are as follows:

Which local farms, dairies, ranches and or bakeries supply your restaurants?

A few farms that I use in the restaurant currently are Waipoli Farms, Surfing Goat Cheese Dairy Farm, Maui Cattle Co., Alii Kula Lavender, Escobedo Farms, Kula Country Farms, and Hali’imaile Pineapple, as well as smaller “boutique” farms like Fresh Island Herbs, Hana Herbs & Flowers, they provide me items like micro greens, boutique baby vegetables such as carrots, fennel and turnips, and pohole ferns and lemongrass.  We also feature farms from our neighbor islands such as Hamakua & Kamuela farms on the big island, L&R Farms on Molokai, and Kauai Fungai from the garden isle.

 What have been some of the challenges in sourcing locally?

Challenges are few, availability can sometimes be a concern, but for the most part the farms keep us in the loop as to how the crops are doing and if there is going to be a shortage due to weather or other problems.  Another challenge can be cost, while it seems like the right thing to do, to buy local, it comes at a price, and generally local produce has been more expensive than the mass-produced mainland produce.

How receptive have you found the community to be to the farm to plate concept?

I think people don’t mind spending an extra dollar or two to get high quality produce that hails from our islands, getting them exact farm names and locations helps people better understand what kind of products they are getting, people get excited when we showcase them, and have come to expect it when they dine with us here at the PG

What drove your passion towards sustainability on Maui?

My family moved here in 1972, I was born in 1977 and we are still here today.  My grandfather was the director for the Lahaina Restoration Foundation for 25 years, and my Uncle and Father have been boat captains and fisherman here since the early 70’s. The fact the our family has invested our lives here in Maui for the past 40 years, and become part of the community, makes me feel responsible to nurture our local family farms, and support anything they do, buy sharing my restaurants success and business with them, without the support of our ownership in Chris Kaiwi and David & Leslie Cohn, I would not be able to do this.

What is your dream for Maui?

To see Maui be able to supply the demand of our ohana’s, keiki’s and our businesses.  To one day know that we don’t have to bring in produce to our islands, to know that we grow our own and keep our people healthy. With our lifestyles that we lead here in the islands, we need healthy food, everything is here for us, it’s up to my generation and the next to continue to build our farming cultures and promote the benefits that supporting and buying local will bring.

 Additional comments from Chef Ryan:

Chef’s need to take control of their ordering, and always insist on H-1.  In my opinion, people who do not talk to their farmers once in a while, have no idea what is going on.  Keep in contact with the people that are growing things for us, ask questions, plan around certain crop movements, and always make sure that you are going to get what you asked for…if you don’t specify H-1 cucumbers for example and you leave a message on an order phone, good chance that you may get some cucumbers from Mexico or Cali, never assume, always check and double check.

As part of its truly local character, the Pineapple Grill at Kapalua will stick with the Cohn Restaurant Group’s tradition of community involvement. The new restaurant has plans to support numerous Maui nonprofit organizations, including schools such as the Maui Preparatory Academy and Maui

Community College’s Culinary Arts Program, also the Hale Makua nursing care project and various adult day care centers.

The best of the best – homegrown Maui style – is the trademark of The Pineapple Grill at Kapalua, introducing the next generation of fine Pacific Island Cuisine. Overlooking the golf greens of The Bay Course at Kapalua Resort and conveniently close to the resort’s tennis club, The Pineapple Grill is now open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For reservations, call 808.669.9600 or go to http://www.pineapplekapalua.com/



Honu Seafood , Mala Ocean Tavern and MalaWailea

Honu Seafood and Pizza in Lahaina: www.honumaui.com

The new Honu, Seafood and Pizza features great Seafood from Hawaii as well as Seafood from the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast. Dishes like Crab Louie Salad, Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters on the Half Shell, Whole Roasted Fish with Hawaiian Salt, Lemon and Olive oil, Grilled Octopus, Live Clam Chowder, Fried Uhu, (Parrot Fish) as well as Naples Style Pizza from our 900 degree Brick Oven. Honu works side by side with local Farmers in Hawaii designing the menu from the items that the Farmers are harvesting. Mark and Judy’s commitment to supporting Local and Organic has been a mainstay of their restaurants. Their commitment to bringing great food and ambience for the locals that live on Maui has also been paramount as well.

Honu sits on the rocks just like Mala. And like Mala, it also offers 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Lanai and Molokai too. Honu features over 50 Beers, an extensive Scotch and Rum and Tequila selection as well as Eclectic and Organic wines. Come by and say Aloha to Ariana and Michelle, the daughters who are in charge of honu.

Mala Ocean Tavern  in Lahaina :


 Mala in Wailea:


Owners Chef Mark Ellman and his wife Judy have lived on Maui for 27 years where we have raised a family of three daughters, Tina, Ariana and Michelle. Also they have raised a family of restaurants on three islands in Hawaii, Maui Tacos, Penne Pasta Café and Mala Ocean Tavern and now, right next door to Mala, the newly opened Honu Seafood and Pizza Restaurant.


Now we are all very happy making Great food, Organic healthy fresh and delicious.        We sit in a spot called Mala Wharf, once a great pier that sailors in world war two came ashore to enjoy the Whaling town of Lahaina. Mala means Garden in Hawaiian and it truly is a beautiful spot where you sit at waters edge and gaze upon the islands of Lanai and Molokai and watch the turtles surf while they graze on ogo., This is the spot of all spots on the Westside of Maui and we could not think of a better name our little restaurant, than to honor where we are, in Mala our little bit of heaven on earth.

Here are some of the replies to questions we asked of Mark:

Which local farms, dairies, ranches and or bakeries supply Mala and Honu restaurants?  We buy from VIP who use a lot of local farmers.

What have been some of the challenges in sourcing locally? Finding quality Hawaii beef and lamb

How receptive have you found the community to be to the farm to plate concept? Very supportive

What drove your passion towards sustainability on Maui? Customers and my Chefs in the kitchen

What is your dream for Maui? To be 100% self reliable in all of its food sources